Image of someone giving a presentation on a laptopImage of someone giving a presentation on a laptop

Strategy & Insight

Pivot’s strategy & insight services set the foundation for the hybrid transition. We combine digital and clinical insight to understand global HCP, patient and user needs in the hybrid world and how your approaches need to evolve to satisfy them.

Our Strategy services examine broader business operations to create clear transformation programs that evolve a company’s hybrid model. This includes how customer experience needs to adapt as well as identifying how emerging technologies such as Digital Therapeutics and Personalised Medicine, can be integrated to create a differentiated hybrid proposition.


  • Global Competitor Benchmarking

  • Healthcare Professional Assessment (inc.KOL&DOL)

  • The Hybrid Patient

  • Search & Social Impact

  • Data Led, Persona Development

Strategy DEvelopment

  • Hybrid Operating Model 

  • HCP Engagement (incl. Omnichannel)

  • Tech Transformation

  • Digital Therapeutics

  • Health Equity

Tech & Data

At the core of the hybrid health transition sits custom technology, data and AI. Knowing what you have, how you use it, and what you need to develop is essential to unleash its potential.

By integrating our bespoke Tech and Data services into your existing platforms we ensure that a seamless, integrated roadmap delivers capabilities at the core of Hybrid Healthcare transition.

Technologies include:

  • Hybrid engagement applications

  • Custom software development

  • Automation & virtual agents

  • Digital Platform Strategy (incl CRM / MCM / MA)

Data & AI

  • Segmentation, recommendation & NBA

  • CRM & Customer Value Management

  • Advanced analytics & AI

  • Synthetic data generation

Image of someone using an iPad to look at dataImage of someone using an iPad to look at data

Engagement & Activation

The shift to hybrid is a major transformation in healthcare. Whilst technology moves rapidly, those responsible for transformation and customer engagement need to ensure that activation moves at equal pace to deliver results and real value for customers.

To do this, we have developed proprietary ways of working that accelerate hybrid activation and communication with core audiences. Our aim is to ensure that any strategic change is adopted and embedded in the organisation, immediately benefiting customers


  • Media management

  • Reporting & Optimisation

  • Change management

  • Training & Bootcamp


  • Technology activation (FULCRUM TM)

  • Innovation & collaboration (SPRINT TM)

  • Hybrid events/video

  • Program management

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