Pivot Score™

The solution for assessing your business's hybrid readiness

To transform a business to be hybrid ready, we need to understand where we’re starting from. What is the current state of the organisation’s understanding of what it takes to deliver in a hybrid world? What are the available skills and where are we missing vital talent to deliver a modern approach to customer experience?

Pivot Score™ assesses the current conditions and capabilities of your organisation (or brand) and delivers clear, data driven recommendations to accelerate effective adoption.

  • Fast, secure, mobile application

  • 10 - 10,000 participants

  • Independent, unambiguous performance metric

  • Live comparator dashboard

  • Baseline established for digital performance

  • Areas of weakness and strength defined

  • Opportunity / white-space areas identified

  • Progress ideally measured annually/bi-annually

PIVOT Hybrid Health Platform (PHhP)

Maximize HCP engagement with PHHP's hybrid platform

A key tool for both launch and established products, the PHHP platform activates your hybrid capability, maximising the productivity of face to face teams and delivering high value HCP engagement with your content and channels.

Using deep insight and understanding of healthcare professional’s hybrid preferences, PHHP’s recommendation engine was developed to maximise the potential of every hybrid encounter whether they be medical or commercial, delivering the right content to the real time conversation.

  • Enhancing the virtual meeting experience and personalising it to meet business & HCP needs

  • Providing the right content through the right channel to drive maximum insight for HCPs through our proprietary AI-driven recommendation engine

  • Optimised content journey for specific HCP personas created by the AI-driven recommendation engine

The PHHP Process

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