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Future Horizons 2023

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The world of Hybrid Health

Rewind 2 years – 2020 – a pandemic hits. Patient services are crippled; infrastructure and capabilities are on the brink of collapse and pressure is mounting as healthcare professionals (HCPs) re-imagine every aspect in the delivery of care. Amidst this turmoil, pharma and life sciences are in disarray – global engagements plummet and the world shuts down. However, adaptation prevailed, and resilience emerged within the healthcare space, bringing with it a new way of being. This new hybrid approach was borne out of necessity, a reaction that utilized technology and data to understand and extract the maximum value out of each engagement – digital or otherwise.

Whilst most of the world ricocheted back to a version of “normality” in 2022, HCP behaviours remained in a state of flux – workforce pressures and an increased patient demand consequently contracted the time reserved for pharma engagements, falling by 15% in the EU alone. Maintaining relationships virtually has been cumbersome and HCP fatigue of rolled out online content high – simply put, over-saturation and under-satisfaction. This logically explains why out of 4,000 pharmaceutical organizations, 0 have been rated excellent by HCPs in delivering trust, relevance, and simplicity in interactions. Part of the problem lies in the lack of meaningful integration of platforms, applications and programming into every day organizational structures causing misaligned teams and 2-dimensional engagements. So, what next?

Enter 2023 – the year of Hybrid Health, an externally focused mindset that transforms face-to-face and digital practices to deliver fluid and high-value experiences for HCPs and patients alike. Hybrid relies on life science companies proactively transforming. To  to get over old way of working to push boundaries, integrate and  that shape, define and create the principles of value-based customer journeys, which, not only serve the needs of HCPs but re-invent what experiential engagements look and feel like.

It is only then can organisations set an intentional direction in shaping the future of Hybrid Health. It’s time to say goodbye to rigid structures of engagement, and welcome change that embraces the natural ebbs and flows of conversation. Over the course of 2023, reconciliation will emerge as the impact of Hybrid Health becomes more apparent globally. So, go beyond omnichannel and sales excellence – embrace the future and disrupt the norm.

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